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Andrew Zaruba

Keum-boo Mandala #3 Pendant

Keum-boo Mandala #3 Pendant

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24k gold fused onto oxidized silver with 16-1.3mm large diamonds and 1-2.3mm Natural Yellow diamond.

This ancient technique for applying 24k gold to silver, known as Keum-boo in Korea, has been widely used across various cultures, including Japanese and Chinese traditions. Historically, in the West, this method was primarily used to adhere gold to iron, steel, and copper. While there are few historical mentions of gold being applied to silver in the West using the same methods as in Asia, recent reexaminations of Roman and Greek artifacts suggest that this technique was indeed employed, revealing the rich, cross-cultural legacy of gold gilding.

  • Blackened Silver & 24k Yellow Gold
  • Gold Plated Silver Rope chain 18"
  • 1.5" drop
  • 1.25" diameter
  • 12.4 grams
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