Annette Ferdinandsen

Annette Ferdinandsen's jewelry captures the beauty of nature with elegant and modern designs. Inspired by her Scandinavian heritage and educated at the Rhode Island School of Design, each piece reflects her artistic vision and attention to detail. Handcrafted in her workshop in New York's Hudson Valley, her jewelry embodies the grace of the surrounding flora and fauna, using hand-picked precious materials.

CRASH Jewelry

CRASH Jewelry crafts sustainable unisex jewelry from the metal of luxury automobiles like Aston Martin, Porsche, Maserati, and more. Founded by Christi Schimpke, inspired by her husband's body shop, Beverly Coachcraft, Schimpke repurposes scrap metal into unique jewelry after discovering her passion for metalsmithing. Each piece, made by hand, retains its original factory paint and comes with a CRASH Jewelry Registration Card detailing its car origin and creation date. CRASH Jewelry offers high-quality, eco-friendly pieces perfect for car enthusiasts and art jewelry lovers alike.

Dana Kellin

About Dana Kellin Brand

Since 1994, the Dana Kellin brand has epitomized style, quality, and exquisite craftsmanship in handmade jewelry. Based in Los Angeles and led by partners Elizabeth and Dana Kellin, the brand's team undergoes rigorous training to master their precise techniques. Their creations attract customers who value intricate craftsmanship, fine quality, and originality. In 2012, Dana Kellin FINE was introduced, featuring unique textures, fluid shapes, and custom-cut gems. The collection offers one-of-a-kind jewelry that balances edgy design with wearability. Dana Kellin jewelry is a fresh and original approach to handmade pieces, with a focus on detail and elegance.


About Danyell Rascoe's

Danyell Rascoe's passion for gems began in childhood, sparked anew during a trip to India. Her jewelry merges classic, modern, and ancient design elements with softened geometric forms, often featuring tear shapes and palindromes. Crafted in Brooklyn from 10K gold and sterling silver, her pieces are delicate yet solid, perfect for everyday wear.

Kate Maller Jewelry

About Kate Maller Jewelry

Kate Maller Jewelry prioritizes both people and the planet, combining sustainability with good design. With a passion for environmental and social justice, Kate's architectural background influences her craftsmanship, creating handcrafted pieces in sunny Denver, CO. Her designs are inspired by nature's imperfections, celebrating organic forms and textures, translating raw beauty into jewelry.

Petra Star

Welcome to Petra Star, where Dimitria Koumarnetos brings over 30 years of industry expertise to fine jewelry with a deep commitment to sustainability. Dimitria's journey includes managing esteemed luxury stores like Shreve & Co. and leading online antique jewelry store Lang Antiques. Her global quest for the finest gems inspires a collection that celebrates tradition and authenticity. At Petra Star, each piece embodies timeless elegance and celebrates the inner "rock star" in every individual. With a focus on education and guidance, Dimitria invites you to explore sustainable luxury jewelry that reflects your unique brilliance.