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Unique Jewelry

Located in Historic Downtown Mystic, CT. We offer a unique collection of Sustainable Artisan and Vintage Jewelry.

Join us for our Linked by Love Permanent Jewelry experience with a selection of 14k gold charms to add your own personal touch. 

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Engagement Rings

Celebration Rings

Our collection of engagement rings includes vintage and antique rings as well as Petra Star designs using recycled gemstones. We also source rare gems using our relationships built from 30 years in the industry. If you're looking for a unique engagement ring with minimal impact to the environment, one of our rings may be the perfect choice.

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Something to Remember Those Special Moments

Fern Earrings - Petra Star

Memorable Gifts

Our collections have been carefully curated sourcing Artists that carry the same importance of sustainability in their designs. Our Gem Bar showcases old gems that have been removed from antique pieces as well as sourced through ethical gem sourcing, all designed to help you remember your most special moments in life.

We pay exquisite attention to every detail of each piece in order to create a piece of timeless elegance.

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Our collection includes a wide range of necklaces, from traditional to modern ones. You can browse through our selection to find the one that perfectly suits your style and enhances your look. 

Each necklace has been created with great care and attention to detail, so you can be sure of its quality.

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    As a woman-owned business committed to sustainable sourcing, we've created an intimate yet inviting space. Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment where you can explore and learn without intimidation.


    Sustainability is our top priority. With over 30 years of industry experience, we've forged relationships with gem dealers and metals committed to transparent sourcing and fair trade practices. We prioritize fair wages, higher education, and safe working environments, ensuring ethical sourcing from mine to market.


    Our approach is personalized. Before showcasing our jewelry, we take the time to understand you and your lifestyle. By asking questions and listening attentively, we aim to pair you with the perfect piece that reflects your unique style and personality...

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Ombré Earrings - Petra Star


Our collection of earrings features a stunning variety of designs. We offer intriguing options such as The Fringe, a timeless beauty, and statement pieces like Mainstay Tassels, Betty Davis Drops, Katherine Graham Black & White Earrings, and more.

Our range includes an orchestra of styles, textures, and colors, each carefully chosen to compliment your personality. We cordially invite you to explore our assortment and select the perfect pair to adorn your ears with sophistication and elegance.

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