When Passion, Creativity and Ethics Meet

Welcome to our quaint space here at Petra Star, where fine jewelry meets the decades-long dedication of Dimitria Koumarnetos, a humble artisan in the realm of high-end luxury. With over 30 years of industry experience, Dimitria has had the privilege of learning from esteemed mentors and contributing her skills to reputable luxury stores recognized nationwide.

Grounded in a deep commitment to sustainability, Dimitria takes pride in sourcing gems and metals with care, ensuring each piece tells a story not just of beauty, but also of ethical craftsmanship. Her journey extends beyond managing large retail spaces, including serving as the merchandise manager at the oldest jewelry store in San Francisco, Shreve & Co. This invaluable experience allowed her to infuse tradition into her craft and embrace the historic elegance of fine jewelry.

Dimitria's experience also includes steering the helm as the store manager for leading online antique jewelry store, Lang Antiques. In this role, she seamlessly blended her team building skills expanding her expertise and contributing to the success of an iconic San Francisco storefront and online platform.

Having traversed the globe in search of the finest gems, Dimitria’s journey offers a profound appreciation for tradition, and an unwavering commitment to authenticity that comes through in every Artist and collection she represents.

Her education is ongoing, attending trade shows across the United States to stay current to industry trends and new gem treatments.

The inspiration behind Petra Star is rooted in the Greek word "Petra," meaning rock. This embodies the celebration of the rock star within you, an acknowledgment of the strength and uniqueness each individual possesses. Dimitria invites you to explore the timeless elegance of sustainable high-end luxury jewelry at Petra Star, where the fusion of tradition, sustainability, and the celebration of your inherent brilliance come together in every piece.

We know jewelry shopping can be intimidating, which is why we provide a friendly with the hope that you leave learning something new.

No matter what special piece you’re looking for we are happy to educate and guide you.

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