Andrew Zaruba


Introducing Designer Andrew Zaruba, a master goldsmith renowned for his expertise in the ancient Korean technique, Keum-boo. This traditional gilding method, also known as Geumbu in Korean, involves applying thin sheets of 24-carat gold to sterling silver, creating a luxurious silver-gilt finish.
Keum-boo begins by depleting the surface of sterling silver to reveal a thin layer of fine silver. Then, with heat and pressure, 24-carat gold foil is carefully bonded to the silver, creating a permanent diffusion bond. This technique, rooted in centuries of tradition, results in stunning pieces of jewelry with a timeless allure. meets innovation.
Andrew Zaruba's craftsmanship showcases the beauty and intricacy of Keum-boo, bringing together ancient techniques with contemporary design. Stay tuned for our exclusive collaboration with Zaruba Jeweler on a limited-edition Petra Star Pendant for the Mystic community, where tradition meets innovation.